Product LINES

  • Choose from a wide range of gloves or
    poly / freezer bags that will meet all of your foodservice needs. All of our gloves are FDA approved.

  • Offering earth-friendly foodservice products
    that can replace traditional plastics and styrofoam. From hinged-lid containers,
    plates, cups and cutlery, we have full-service dinnerware options to choose from!

  • Galligreen Pak2Go® products range from
    take-out containers & boxes, pizza boxes,
    cake boxes, paper bags and other options for foodservice, supermarkets, and restaurants.

  • Heavy duty disposable towels that are the
    best substitute for linen replacement in
    kitchens, foodservice, and janitorial

  • Whether it’s bamboo or wooden
    skewers, Teppo Kushi or Noshi Koshi
    picks, stir sticks or chopsticks, sandwich
    picks, toothpicks or popsicle sticks,
    we’ve got them all!


We believe that it is important to be environmentally aware so that our future generations can benefit from the responsibilities that we are taking to create Earth-Friendly sustainable products and use them. We strive to ensure that our compostable products leave the least impact as possible on the planet from the day it is manufactured, to the day that it is disposed of.


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